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About Montenegro Hostels Website

Montenegro Hostels

The website was created to inform you about cheap hostels to stay in Montenegro, the pearl of the Adriatic sea. The website was created to promote Montenegro hostels in the tourist cities of this country. It is the main mission of this site to introduce hostels that offer cheap prices to travelers who want to travel the world, countries, and especially Montenegro.

Montenegro is a small coastal country with a population of 600,000. It is a fairy tale country with its historical stone structures, magnificent beaches, and natural beauties.

Staying here in one of the small, cozy, and cheap Montenegro Hostels and traveling the whole country will be the best vacation you will ever have. Although there are few large hotels in Montenegro, hostels and small vacation rentals are more common for tourist accommodation. It is possible to find small holiday homes and cheap Montenegro Hostels in almost all cities of the country.

Montenegro Hostels Website

Of course, Montenegro holiday homes and quaint Montenegro hostels, like all tourist facilities, are mostly concentrated in the seaside cities. The main and best-known of these cities are Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Herceg Novi (Castelnuovo), and Perast. The capital Podgorica and former capital Cetinje are also important cities that are a little inland from the sea.

Montenegro hostels, combined with the clean and hospitable nature of the Montenegro people, are much more lovable accommodation. On our site, you will find sufficient information for each Montenegro hostel. In addition, we provide links where you can find more detailed information. In addition, the buttons on our pages will be very useful for making online reservations.

The design of this website is based on the principle of simplicity. We tried to offer a website that is far from complex applications, easily navigable, and understandable. Below each article, you will find a link to the related hostel’s page on Thus, you will be able to book easily.

Sections of Montenegro Hostels Website

The website claims to start by introducing hostels in the major cities of Montenegro and to include all hostels of the country on their pages over time.

On this site, we will try to introduce you to all Montenegro hostels in random order. We publish the hostels in a random order without using any criteria (size, cheapness, cities, etc.) for the order of their placement on our site.

However, we have used a city-based categorization for Montenegro hostel promotions for you to find easily. For these purposes, instead of creating a section for all the cities of Montenegro, we created one section for each of the six cities and then used the “Others” section for Montenegro hostels in other cities.

6 cities that makeup parts of the site:

  • Podgorica Hostels
  • Budva Hostels
  • Tivat Hostels
  • Kotor Hostels
  • Herceg Novi Hostels
  • Cetinje Hostels
  • .


    As the saying “The only thing that does not change is ‘change’ itself” puts it, everything changes over time. We are trying to follow the changes in Montenegro hostels and reflect them on our site. Sometimes a hostel closes, a new one opens, sometimes a hostel’s contact information changes, etc…

    However, sometimes there may be a change that we overlooked, so some articles on our site may be outdated and no longer valid. In fact, some information may even be completely incomplete or inaccurate. We do not guarantee that the information we provide on the site is always correct and up to date.

    Therefore, readers can use the information on our site only at their own risk. Our site, our site administrators, and authors are not responsible for any possible damage and loss that may arise from the use of the information on this site. Your use of our site means that you accept this.

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